Lumiere 3D metallic paint 29.5ml – Sparkle Silver


Lumiere 3D is a dimensional metallic/pearl paint that also acts as a powerful adhesive. This unique paint is perfect for decorating, drawing and writing on T-shirts, greeting cards, scrapbooks, fabric, ribbon, leather, shoes, garden art and much more! Use Lumiere 3D as a bead glue, shoe glue, a super strong fabric glue or to securely attach jewelry or other objects to virtually any surface. It is fully washable after 72 hours of drying. Lumiere 3D can be used directly from the bottle.

Suitable for the following surfaces, among others:
Natural and synthetic fabrics, paper, wood, clay, canvas, plastic, glass, metal, leather and more.

Color: Sparkle Silver
Content: 29.5 ml

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