Rit DyeMore Kentucky Sky


You can use Rit Dyemore for almost all synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon.
This paint is also excellent for coloring 3D printed objects and even buttons, toys, dolls, wigs and more.

Note that the result of the color is least affected on a light (white/cream) background. When you paint a colored object/garment, the color of the paint blends, so to speak, with the current color of the object/garment.

Dyemore is a liquid dye that can be used with the stove-top method (dyeing in hot water in a pan).
This paint cannot be used using the washing machine!

Product code: RITDM-6
Color: Kentucky Sky
Content: 207 ml

On the website of Rit are color formulas For creating your perfect color!

1 bottle of Dyemore is suitable for approximately 450 grams of fabric.
For a lighter color, use less paint and vice versa.

For best results: read the instructions beforehand, use the stove-top method (dyeing in hot water), be sure to stir constantly for even color.
Note that the result depends on the amount of paint, dye time, type of fabric, current fabric color, dye bath temperature, etc., among others.

On the Rit website are
color formulas
for creating your perfect color.

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