Jewel Tone Tie Dye Kit Ruby


Jacquard Jewel Tone Tie Dye Kit Ruby
Product code: JAC9454

This kit contains 2 colors that you can use to dye 2 shirts.

Contents of this kit:

  • 2 Applicator bottles of Procion MX dye colors: Red & Pink
  • Soda Ash Dye Fixer
  • Gloves
  • Rubber rubber bands
  • Instructions with binding patterns

Tie Dyen in brief:

  1. Wet the garment and tie it with rubber bands
  2. Dip in Soda Ash and mix the Procion MX dyes (dye) with water.
  3. Apply the dye, wait 24 hours, rinse, wash, dry and enjoy!

Download the instructions here: Jewel Tones Tie Dye Kit Instructions-English.

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