Procion MX Dye – Lemon Yellow


Cold water dye for natural fabrics
Color: Lemon Yellow
Contents: 18.71 grams, suitable for about 0.45 kg of dry matter
To get very bright colors you need more dye, for pastel colors less)
Activate by: Soda Ash Fixative

Procion MX dyes are “cold water dyes” that are fixed by a chemical reaction (with Soda Ash Fixative) rather than by heat.
Because these dyes do not have to be used on a heat source, compared to other types of dyes, there is a wider range of techniques that can be used:


  • Tie dye
  • Dyeing (dipping)
  • Batik
  • Screen Printing
  • Apply directly
  • Ombré dyeing
  • Sprinkle dyeing
  • Ice dyeing
  • And more…

Instructions Procion MX Dye (English).


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