Textile paint Setacolor Light fabrics Pebeo 45ml


The Setacolor Light Fabrics textile paint colors from Pebeo can be mixed together to create a wide range of colours.
The paint offers excellent lightfastness, is ready to use and can be used neat or diluted with water to achieve watercolor effects.

The Setacolor Light Fabrics colors can be applied to different types of light fabrics: cotton, wool, wadding, knitwear, jersey, velvet, jacquard, polyester, fiber blends and non-wovens.
Wash the fabric beforehand without fabric softener. Place cardboard between the fabric layers. Apply the paint to the fabric with a brush or sponge.

painting, sponge technique, stenciling, stamping, solar printing technique

Diluted with water, they can be used for the solar printing technique, with two parts water to one part paint.
This technique involves painting a piece of cloth with this mixture, then covering certain areas with objects or plants and exposing them to the sun.
After drying, the parts hidden from the sun will be lighter.

Brushes and other tools are easy to clean with warm water.

To fix the Setacolor colors, iron the back of the decorated fabric for 5 minutes on the “cotton” setting without steam.
The colors can be washed in the washing machine after fixing, but dry cleaning is not recommended.

Setacolor is also available in glitter, shimmering, pearl and suede effect colours.

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